est to you. Having said that, Xu Jing turned to see Xu Sheng, seems to want to see her look like a big change. Unfortunately, she miscalculated, Xu Sheng is still looking CPBA calmly, it seems that the arrival of Qin Yan line is not surprising. Qin Shizi actually came, really labor to drive. Can not think, Qin Yan line actually came, can really hate their own bones it Do you want to talk about if I take you to threaten Yu Zhen, he will.react Qin Yan line slowly came out from the grass, followed by dozens of subordinates. I am afraid you have no chance. Xu Sheng back a few steps, sneer up. Qin Yan line looking gloomy look at her prepared action, suddenly laughed Yes, you so many tricks, how can I think Today, no matter how many tricks you can not escape. I will catch you, good life torture you I do not know Qin Shizi would like to my queen how At this time, that quietly waiting for the car in the original groom, suddenly picked off the head of the hats, said loudly. Xu Sheng raised his lips flushed Qin Yan Pegasystems Certification line and Xu Jing smile, to be Yu Zhen came, they consciously stood behind him, pulled his hand. Yu Zhen backhand buckle Xu CPBA it exam Sh.eng s hand, bow in her ear whispered obediently stand here, Mo afraid. Xu Sheng looked up at him, nodded. Yu Zhen this turned to see Qin Yan line, pick eyebrows Qin Shizi, or as usual in the past l

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PEGACPBA71V1 Certified Pega Business Architect (CPBA) 71V1 Pegasystems CPBA